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更新信息 03/01/2022



The charming of the beautiful lace represents the signature of Thai fabric making us, Lullaline, producing the product that presents Thailand mixing with the modern and mobility of today’s lifestyle with every meticulousness and attention to detail in every stitch. In the hope of delivering happiness to our customers.

We are not only providing you a bag, every design we made has its own story behind it. Because our beloved customer is not only carrying a bag but also convey identity and sense through different types of the product line which has each own entity. Even though each bag carries a different story, we still have the same main goals bonding each bag together as producing “eco-friendly'' products.

Our organization’s motto is to produce plastic-free products in every state of production and export; we have to make sure that we do not use plastic in any of the processes. So our customers can support our company and therefore conserve the environment as well because we are aware of the quality products and the environmental effect.